Mindmesh - Knowledge base that works across all your SaaS apps

Search for information across Slack, Confluence, Drive, Notion, Intercom, Zendesk & Jira

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What it does: Mindmesh is a knowledge base search engine that allows your team to search for information across a wide range of commonly used SaaS products such as Slack, Confluence, Drive, Notion, Intercom, Zendesk and Jira. This allows you to keep your knowledge base in one central place and have it automatically scale with your team and across different SaaS products.

How it started: Rafaella Colella (CEO) and Ulysse Mizrahi (CTO) started Mindmesh after Rafaella’s experience as a product manager at Google helped him realize the impact on team productivity a good information management system can have. Knowledge bases are often outdated or not maintained at all, causing up to 20% of time being spent on searching for information and leading to all kinds of costly miscommunication issues and delays.

How it works: Mindmesh integrates with a lot of popular SaaS products to create a single centralized search engine that can search for information across all of the products that your team uses. Here’s a demo of the interface:

Why it’s interesting: One of the most common interactions I have on Slack is either asking someone else for a link to certain information or someone else is asking me for a link to certain information. As a small team we’re having lots of product discussions and we do diligently record all our notes across Google Docs, Notion, Slack and Figma but even for a very small team as ours it quickly becomes hard to navigate and access all that information across all of those different products. Having tried knowledge bases in the past such as Confluence the information does indeed get outdated very fast or not complete, causing no-one to treat Confluence as the single source of truth. Other products we’ve tried were StackOverflow for Teams where we incentivized the team to answer questions that other team members might have. All of those attempts failed so I definitely see a bright future for Mindmesh if they can deliver on their promise.


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