Nash - Same-day delivery for any business

Offer same-day delivery with on-demand delivery services like Uber and Doordash

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What it does: Nash makes it easy for any business to offer same-day delivery to their clients. For example, a dry-cleaning business can offer pickup/delivery at a customer’s desired time, without hiring drivers. Nash connects you with multiple delivery providers (Doordash, Uber) nationwide, normalizes that communication, and allows you to track all your deliveries in one place.

How it started: Aziz Alghunaim and Mahmoud Ghulman have known each other for more than 12 years, have attended MIT together and are both second-time founders. With their background in logistics they realized that same-day delivery is growing at 43% annually across many business verticals (retail, pharmacies, groceries, auto parts, etc). While businesses are trying to address this growing consumer need, launching and managing a delivery operation remains challenging: marketplaces charge high commissions, internal drivers are expensive & many times inefficient/hard to maintain, and different businesses have different delivery workflows (pick-ups, scheduled deliveries, sign-on delivery, etc) - so there isn’t a one-size fits-all.

How it works: Nash allows businesses to offer same-day delivery (scheduled or within an hour), offer pickups at any given time (for example a dry-cleaning business picking up laundry from a customer’s house) or for B2B purposes, move time-sensitive inventory from one store/warehouse/office to another.

Traction: Nash is active in all 50 states and offers same-day delivery in more than 250 cities.

Why it’s interesting: Especially during the pandemic, many local businesses have had to reinvent themselves to deliver their products to their customer’s door. Many restaurants have had to make this transition but also many other types of local businesses. Consumers have now had a taste of this and have increasingly come to expect this type of service. The most interesting thing about Nash is that it also allows for entirely new business models to flourish. For example, a service that delivers Craigslist items directly from sellers to buyers, would alleviate all the typical anxiety and stress of coming into other people’s homes and would make the entire process more streamlined.


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