Reframe - Drink less alcohol

A neuroscience based app to help you quit or cut back on drinking alcohol

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What it does: Reframe is an app for people that want to cut back on drinking - and possibly quit it altogether. It combines a behavior-modification program, community support, accountability tracking and personal coaches in one app.

How it started: Ziyi Gao and Vedant Pradeep started Reframe after previously working on a craving management app for recovery centers to help people prevent relapses. They noticed that the best recovery centers with the highest success rates almost always had three components working in tandem: an effective behavior change program, a supportive community, and access to recovery specialists on-demand. The best recovery centers (which can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars per month) are inaccessible however to the 50+ million Americans who have a drinking problem so Reframe was born to solve this problem.

How it works: Reframe consists of 3 elements, the behavior-modification program where users have to complete daily tasks (including questionnaires and journals), the ability to join their private anonymous community (which I guess resembles the AA meetings), and 1:1 access to coaches. Here’s a video of one of the founders:

Traction: Reframe has already helped over 5,000 people drink less. 74% of their users significantly cut back within 2 months and 49% quit entirely.

Pricing: Reframe offers monthly subscription plans up to $24.99 / mo - which is less than 5% of the cost of any equivalent program.

Why it’s interesting: Alcoholism has been rising over the last several years and has only accelerated during the pandemic - with some experts even speaking of an alcohol pandemic, so many people need all the help they can get but can’t actually afford it. The inability to get professional help has led to many ruined lives. Reframe is one of the few startups that can - if it actually lives up to its promise - actually effectuate positive change in the world by democratizing access to care that has previously only been accessible to the very rich.


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