Hyper - Sell memberships to Discord and Telegram

In less than 2 years, 7K+ communities have made in excess of $17M with Hyper

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What it does: Hyper helps you earn money by selling subscription-based memberships to private Discord / Telegram communities.

Traction: Since launching in March 2020, more than 7K+ communities with more than 300K members have made in excess of $17M using Hyper. More than 100 customers earn enough money to treat their Hyper income as their full-time salary.1

How it started: Hyper was originally started by Ben Botvinick as a way to help a friend sell memberships to his Discord server.

Business model: Hyper offers pay-as-you-go pricing with 5% transaction fees or a $299 / mo plan without transaction fees.

How it works: Hyper allows you to create multiple products for different roles or generate purchase links with flexible pricing. They also have handy guides available for selling memberships to your Discord server or Telegram group:

Why it’s interesting: Hyper is one more way for influencers (and other persons of interests) to monetize their audience on a recurring basis, and as we can see from Hyper’s traction, the market size and pent-up demand is huge. Up until a few years ago, only a select few had access to the profitable business models that make SaaS companies so interesting for investors: tech folks with money who could leverage technology to create a product with recurring revenue and zero marginal costs. Everyone else was either selling their stuff (eBay/Shopify) or selling their time (gig economy) on tech-enabled marketplaces. Now with tools such as Hyper, Substack, Patreon and OnlyFans, we’re in the midst of democratizing access to subscription-based business models with zero marginal costs, and I expect this market to blow up as a result.


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